Vertical SunCycle Calendar



When the transiting Sun moves down passed MY & SA, it may stimulate you, to try and convince others of something important to you.  NN represents all sorts of local friends and acquaintances.  The squares on the NN and NP suggest that others may not be receptive to your thoughts, but will not want to tell you that.


It is suggested that when the transiting Sun moves across MR, and then JP, and then VE, that the energy the Sun represents may have you trying to do things that bring results and comfort with ease.

Transits are about timing.

The Vertical SunCycle is about timing.


Read about someone who has terrific timing!

Synastry Aspecting

Astrologically speaking, this is not a strong union. Your draw to each other is M 5 MR and VE 5 VE.

You may be lucky by way of JP (60 UR 0 Asc) & UR 120 JP.  You are the M (green) going down, your emotions of (92 & 98) are not into the other person.  The real punch in the stomach, possibly for real, is shown through the S 180 P, MY 85 MR, MR 1 on S and, MR 90 MR.


Entertaining and trying, all at the same time.  In the real World, this might work.

Synastry Aspecting  Examples